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The effect of CJC-1295:

targeted effect is Darine, that in the use of CJC-1295 Peptides will increase the levels of growth hormone production. This also means the increase in IGF-1 levels. The increase of this mirror promotes fat burning and positively influences muscle building. It can be said that a product of the GHRH peptides series including CJC-1295 to injectable alternative hgh Somatropin is used and is rarely with injectable hgh buy somatropin mixed or combined.

  1. 1.Burning belly fat
  2. Improve eyesight and eye
  3. More endurance, thanks to a stronger heart
  4. Good for the immune system and a better complexion
  5. higher sexual rush
  6. increase the protein intake and the organs
  7. good for bone enhancement of wound healing

This peptide is best suited for situations in which one additional support for its own growth hormone production in the body, or even a brutal or nearly extreme increase in growth hormone production wants to, what specifically to the CJC-1295 arrives peptides and the way the injection of the product. This is due, that the blood level in the body of the CJC-1295 and CJC-1295 w / o DAC provides, both can show. The identical mirror may include, but also provide effective support for natural growth hormone surges.

at CJC-1295 is the body's own growth hormone production erhöt in the same way as GHRH. However, the injection does not bring pulsatile growth hormone release. Because CJC-1295 stable blood levels provides, it increases the amplitude of the naturalen growth hormone thrusts on a consistent basis. CJC-1295 is particularly effective with a GHRP compound, because the action of the two products not only added, but its good effect mutually enhances and improves, as guaranteed by the connection even more brutal release of growth hormone.

Side effects of CJC-1295!

  1. increased fatigue
  2. a headache
  3. it draws water as with testosterone enanthate

What are CJC-1295 peptides?

The peptide called CJC-1295 increased growth hormone production in Körper.Es one of the GHRH-2 Peptides Group, making it vergleichbar.Es is important not to confuse this with the w / o DAC product, this is another peptide.

The difference of CJC-1295 & CJC 1295 w / DAC

Both products are different, CJC-1295 & CJC 1295 w / DAC, They differ mainly with regard to the length of your time effect. CJC-1295 w / o DAC has a short duration of action, which requires a lower dosage in small injections of peptides, and CJC-1295 has a longer duration of action, a higher dose in rarer Injektionene ermögtlich. There are, so to speak long and short Esther to these peptides CJC types connected, you can compare the effect of time with testosterone enanthate and propionate.

CJC-1295 one of the peptides of the Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone also called GHRH. GHRH is also the name of the naturally occurring hormone in the toned body, naturale the connection is not used due to the increased production rates and of significantly shorter duration of action in bodybuilding.

CJC-1295 is a modern version of the famous 29 Amino acids with GHRH in conjunction with an addition of DAC. The compound of modifications brings a half-life of approximately one week and improves the blood levels after injection of the peptide

Ingestion and dosage of CJC-1295 & w / DAC

An injection of peptides may, depending on their own choice in the belly fat, subcutaneous or intravenous. If required peptide solutions from other vials may be raised as to, for example, with GHRP like syringe. Here, the number of injections to be reduced deulich.

When metering a dose of is recommended 100 to 200mcg CJC-1295 w / o DAC peptide per injection, this should be 3 times a day, as with the GHRP-2 or 6, to the known hgh Somatropin Peak hours are injected to cause the most violent and krassesten muscle growth.

1. taking: up directly after the
2. taking: immediately after training and before the protein shake!
3. taking: before bedtime

One may CJC-1295 with a GHRP-2 or 6 connect. who CJC-1295 mix with GHRP-2 (connect) would like to, which remains at the recommended dose of CJC-1295, The GHRP-2 dosing is about. 125mcg – 250mcg should be. We must raise both peptides together.

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