shipping & delivery

  1. We send within 3 Days after receipt of payment.
  2. It will sent securely from the EU and from Germany directly, depending on which product is ordered.
  3. All our delivery methods safe without Zollproblme because of the Schengen states and their free trade agreements for countries such as DE, AT, NL, BL, UK, Fr, CZ, PL, HU, SK, SL and all other from the EU.
  4. It will discreet and not flashy sent.
  5. You can request a Tracking number via e-mail
  6. We also supply some Pakstationen
  7. Should a package not be reached, according to tracking number we send it once free as a goodwill performance again.
  8. You may use the on the following pages Check Tracking IDs: &
  9. If you ask to have, You're welcome, Contact us. Our Customer Service will respond to all outstanding issues.